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Our team of experienced professional home technology specialists will work tirelessly to deliver every aspect of your project. From custom design, through to installation and after-care,With the outstanding technological advancements, it is only fit to expect a better and revolutionized life. we, at SmartHome IT Solutions, regularly bring forth ways that help us revolutionize your life with the most brilliant home automation services possible. for us, the automation system installation is not just a job, it is a mission. With our home automation systems, we let you assume complete control and improve the security of your homes. Security alarms are one thing; we offer you automated lights covering all sides of your houses leaving no blind spot. our highly skilled staff members are here to assist you at every stage.

Smart Homes

You have to be smart and intelligent in order to manage your homes. But do you have to be exhausted while doing so? We do not think so. Although, not much fatigue, sometimes even turning off the lights can be a stressful task to do. Being smart and intelligent that you are, you can always opt for our home automation London to have these issues dealt with once and for all. With your home having a brain of its own, you won’t have to do all the thinking anymore. Our home automation installers London ensures automation plans that improve energy management by making your home operate smartly. So, say goodbye to any energy wastage when your house gets a brain of its own. Also, when you want to take manual control of your home, you get all the controls to your home right on your smartphones. Exquisite and simple to use, our smart home operating system simply adds to the ordeal.

Multi-Room Audio Visual

Rather than installing ready-made automation systems, we create automation solutions that your house needs. whether it is a jacuzzi or home theatre, we automate it with excellence. Our smart home automation technology is specifically designed for each client. Big or small, old or contemporary, a home is a home and for all sorts of homes, our home automation system works exceptionally excellent.


For any home automation system, networking is what the spinal cord is for humans. To ensure smooth connectivity between connected devices, we only prefer high-quality networking cables and adapters. No matter the scale of your home automation system, our networking experts will always offer networking connections with no connection interruptions. With a home automation system from SmartHome IT Solutions, you will never have to worry about control malfunctioning or even a delayed response. Moreover, when you want up-gradation, our existing networking will always be sufficient for many years to come.

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Over the last 17 years, we have been involved with hundreds of fantastic projects from single room media systems to whole-home automation projects and luxury private home cinemas in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and London.